ZIPsales Database by CCH

A subscription to the CCH ZIPsales™ Database (purchased separately from CCH) can be used as the source of the sales and use tax rates used by the KampData TaxEngine and DynamicZip. To utilize the ZIPsales Database, you will need DynamicZip to import it into Microsoft Dynamics GP. DynamicZip sets up and maintains the standard sales and use tax rates throughout the United States, its possessions and Canada based on the information contained in the ZIPsales Database. Alternately, the tax details and schedules can be created and maintained manually from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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CCH makes and sells the following products which can be used with DynamicZip.

ZIPsales Database

DynamicZip can use the ZIPsales™ Database as its source of sales and use tax setup data.

  • Support for all 50 states, Territories, and Canada. Maintain 10,000 tax rates imposed by more than 8,300 jurisdictions.
  • Be on top of hundreds of changes on a monthly basis.
  • Free up precious resources by reducing your tax compliance burden.

ZIPsales Returns

CCH's ZIPsales™ Returns allows you to automatically populate sales and use tax returns using a web-based application.

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