Our comprehensive Knowledge Base is available free of charge for your assistance. Other resources available include the Online Help built into our software available by pressing F1 or the Help icon in any DynamicZip or TaxEngine window.

We currently offer free email support. If phone or screen share is required to resolve the issue, a support incident must be purchased for that purpose.

Technical Support Incidents are $250.00 each.

A support incident is:

  • Assistance with the installation of our product. (Setup is not included in an installation support incident.)
  • Assistance with the setup of a single feature or function of our product.
  • A single problem, error message, or functionality that is not working as intended.
  • Each phone or screen share incident/session is limited to a maximum of fifty minutes.

To request support, please email us. Provide as much detail and information as possible. Providing all of the information pertinent to the issue will help us help you to more quickly resolve the issue.

Screen prints of error messages and copies of reports or log files can also be helpful to us when trying to identify an issue.

Staying current on software versions and service packs can help ensure that issues do not arise. Check the modifications pages to see if an issue has already been identified and resolved via a service pack you can install.

Additionally, as software becomes dated or replaced, technical support may cease for that version. For more information see Support Discontinuation Dates.